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Give good face.

Beard & Face

Beard Care

Be all you can beard.
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The Beard Hedger® Pro KitLuxury Beard Grooming Kit
€164.99+ Peak Hygiene Plan
The Beard Hedger®Beard Trimmer
€104.99+ Peak Hygiene Plan
Beard ShampooHydrating Cleanser
€15.99+ Peak Hygiene Plan
Beard ConditionerLeave-in Softener
€15.99+ Peak Hygiene Plan
Beard BalmStyling Pomade
€16.99+ Peak Hygiene Plan
Beard OilMoisturizing Serum
€17.99+ Peak Hygiene Plan

Face Shave

Look fresh, feel fresher.
The Handyman™Compact Face Shaver
Weed Whacker® 2.0Electric Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer
€49.99+ Peak Hygiene Plan
The Plow® 2.0Single Blade Double-Edged Safety Razor
€35.99+ Peak Hygiene Plan

Blade Replacements

Stay at your best.
The Beard Hedger® Trimmer BladeCompatible with The Beard Hedger®
€35.99+ Peak Hygiene Plan
The Plow® 2.0 Razor BladeCompatible with The Plow® 1.0 & 2.0 Series
€22.99+ Peak Hygiene Plan

Full Body Feels

Why should you freshen up?


Your self-care routine sets the tone of your day. It always feels good to start fresh.


Find your best self and feel comfortable in your skin.


Regular grooming leads to better looks, better smells, and better feels.


When you put in the work, people notice. Everybody is attracted to effort.

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