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Anti-chafing Boxer Briefs

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Anti-chafing Boxer Briefs

0 reviews

Don't just wear any old boxers after grooming your goods to perfection. House your family jewels in MANSCAPED™ boxers - underwear specifically engineered to reduce the risk of chafing. Whether lounging around the house or running a marathon, MANSCAPED™ boxers feature micro-fiber blend designed to keep high friction areas cool. Your balls will thank you™.

  • Microfiber blend designed to keep high friction areas cool
  • No-roll waistband for maximum support below the waist
  • Created to help reduce the risk of the dreaded “swamp crotch”
  • Industry standard US sizes S-3XL

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  • THE

    Anti-Chafing Boxer Briefs

    Specifically engineered to be the most comfortable boxers in your underwear drawer.


    Insanely comfortable, with cutting-edge fabric for breathability and a waistband that stays put. No rolling here.


    A superior cut with a contoured pouch increases comfort while a 4-way stretch reduces chafing. For real athletes and aspirational ones.

    Designed For Comfort


    Chill. Because balls get hot, our boxers are like a cool blast of AC on your boys.

    Sizing Chart

    waist66-74 cm76-84 cm86-91 cm94-104 cm107-117 cm119-127 cm

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