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Weed Whacker™ 2.0 replacement blade

For Electric Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

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You don’t want to use the same blade over and over. One, hygiene. Two, sharpness. Which is why we made our nose and ear hair trimmer blades replaceable—just pop off the old blade head, and pop on the new.

  • Compatible with the Weed Whacker™ 2.0 and the Weed Whacker™ 1.0

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Replacement Blade

Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

The Weed Whacker™ 2.0 replacement blade by MANSCAPED™
Close up of The Weed Whacker™ 2.0 replacement blade
All the right moves.

All the right moves.

A 360-degree dual rotary blade sitting at a 23-degree angle to match the contours of the nose and ear for a precise trim (leaving what you need, nothing you don’t).

The Weed Whacker™ 2.0 being covered in water with replacement blade on display
A clean getaway.

A clean getaway.

The stainless steel blade was designed to withstand dirt, oil, and buildup that can lead to irritation while also being easy to clean and replace.

Internal components of The Weed Whacker™ 2.0
No slip, just slide.

No slip, just slide.

Each blade comes pre-lubricated to run smoothly so you experience no pulling, virtually guaranteed.*

  • 23-degree angle matches the contours of your nose.
  • 360-degree dual-rotary blade.
  • Snappable blade head.

*98% of men experience no pulling.

The Weed Whacker™ 2.0 replacement blade not attached to device

The Peak Hygiene Plan

Like any high-performance tool, precision matters. We recommend replacing your blade regularly to keep it sharp for maximum performance.

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How to install a Weed Whacker™ 2.0 replacement blade
How to replace
your blade.

To replace the blade on the Weed Whacker™ 2.0, hold the trimmer facing you, place your thumb at the base of the blade and twist it off. Place the bottom of the new blade module into the slot on the handle and gently twist it into place.

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